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Smarthomeapp is an internet based marketing company featuring only the LATEST MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT solar powered lighting for your garden at affordable factory direct prices. Providing solutions to conserve energy with solar power and bring light to an area of your home or business without the need for expensive electrical wiring.  FREE SHIPPING !!

About Us, the real us

The best things in life are free,
For a young couple in thier 20's, struggling to make a living and keep afloat this was not just a cliche.
Dont get me wrong, we had the time of our life, living in a one bedroom apartment in the big city, working 10-12 hours a day to pay off our student loans, sleeping on a futon that became a TV sofa at times and occationaly to a dining table (dont ask me how).
At that time the full meaning of the saying "The best things in life are free" really sink in. Working so hard barely able to pay the monthly bills made us realize we are in desperate need of a change. Change our super expensive, Outrageously expensive, resident, change the way we spend our money, change the way we conduct ourselves financially- basically change our lifestyle.

We decided we need to literally look for "the free things in life" and get more of them. we moved out of the city, rented a small house. Rent was 70%(!!) less then the price we paid in the city . We've read a lot about renewable energy and Solar power and decided that mother nature gave us the biggest gift anyone can give you- FREE ENERGY, life time of it! Since we already knew that "The best things in life are free", and we already had a few free things, as a young couple, that made us very happy :), we knew what we had to do then and there.

we started small. Small things like buying Used solar Domestic Water Heating System, then managed to convert some of the power we created to heat up our home at cold nights. we did it all on our free time, solar panels on our roof became our main source of electricity (I spent so much time on YouTube Gale thought i was losing my mind).

while doing all the indoor work and enjoying free electricity (and more available money in our bank) Gale started to do some farming and gardening outdoor. Obviously we imminently looked for solar solutions for our outdoor garden- BOOM!!! 

We found so many options out there, so many things we could do.
Lighting, let it be light! Solar lights were the obvious next step. By adding solar lights to our outdoor garden we achieved few things:
1. we lived in a secluded place, Granted not a lot of robbers and thieved were visiting our part of the world too often, however, should the have come to visit they would have been sooo surprised by the amount of light, not sure they'd want to stay.

2. we have managed to transform our small ugly garden into a, still small, but beautiful and illuminated garden of eve :) we used powerful LED solar lights, decorative solar lights, even our Muskkito traps were solar :)

3. So much money was saved in electricity bills!

4. Saved money was well spent on our new day job - our very own Solar lights online store.
Our Hobby became an obsession that later became a pretty decent source of income. My online searches for new and improved solar lights home security solutions lead me to know a few key manufacturers in this business (Jennlite for example), some gave us exclusive rights to market thier products.
The phrase "The best things in life are free" is true and we live it every day of our life. Mother earth and father Sun are our best providers. I would like to add a second part to this phrase- "The free things in life can make you money" in so many ways.
If you have a similar story or have questions about solar energy or solar lights, feel free to contact us and ask away, we will be happy to share our experience with you.

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About Smarthomeapp.biz Smarthomeapp is an internet based marketing company featuring only the LATEST MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT solar powered lighting ...

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